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Our founder, Renske, wanted to make a delicious product, rich in protein that satisfies her high standards of quality, ethics, and sustainability. Her artisanal seitan, made with freshly cooked lentils and delicious marinades, is the result. 

Renske first started selling seitan wraps at the Geneva market under the name Planty in 2018, and quickly became popular. Nearly 5 years later, the company has grown into RENSKI, a female owned and operated, plant-based business, locally based in Ecublens, Vaud. 

Our company strives to improve sustainability for the community by providing delicious (and always vegan) seitan to local stores and restaurants in Switzerland. Several zero-waste locations that sell our seitan receive it without packaging. That means buying RENSKI's handmade seitan supports multiple small-businesses and the environment. We hope you’ll share the seitan love, and find your new favorite plant-based protein!

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