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Plant-based Seitan

Handmade with love in Switzerland

Our Products

At RENSKI, we create an artisanal product full of protein, with an amazing texture and delicious taste, without using any preservatives. Our seitan is 100% plant-based and made by hand in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Do you want to try out vegan food without giving up on taste and experience? 

Let our Seitan blow your mind!

RENSKI classic seitan in packaging
RENSKI marinated seitan in packaging
RENSKI founder Renske Van der Vlugt in the kitchen

About Us

Our founder, Renske, wanted to make a super tasty product, rich in protein that satisfies her high standards of quality, ethics, and sustainability. Her seitan, made with freshly cooked lentils and delicious marinades, is the result. 

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